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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Garden Updates: Cherry Blossom & Flame Lily

A first in the history of the Qbee shop blog, we're updating with not one, but two new looks featured below, both beautiful and freshly sprouted from our Songbird Garden of Shapes!

A pallid bloom, Cherry Blossom appears feminine, soft, and delicate from the snowy pale of her skin to the light blushing of her cheeks. Cherry Blossoms personify a devout warrior whose life ended early within the wintry battle and with innocence forever remembered through the young, fallen blossoms.

A flower with proud petals in a fiery gradient, Flame Lily represents glorious beauty and is flower familiar to the east. An ember soul, she's the most spirited of the lilies.

Visit / * qbee's garden to bloom your own Cherry Blossom or Flame Lily and to collect lucky flower chair surprises and group offerings! If you spot one of the Qbee shopkeepers wandering the garden in-world she will surprise you with a special shopkeeper-exclusive treat too. Hugs!

Paisley Pretty group gifts in 3 variations - Unicorn Revenant (left), Cafe Berry (middle), and Peony (right).
View the full-size version.

Return to the Songbird Garden:

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."


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