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Friday, August 10, 2012

Garden Update: Fresh Round of Summery Group Gifts!

Basking in the summery weather of August, Paisley Pretty embodies the warm, light-heartedness of this season in floral and paisley 3 variations - Unicorn Revenant (left), Cafe Berry (middle), and Peony (right) shown below, all available as group gifts of Qbee including mesh skirt, tanktop, summery flower sunglasses, and hairband. Which Paisley Pretty best suits you? Hugs!(*´・v・)

Paisley Pretty for this summery season in 3 variations - Unicorn Revenant (left), Cafe Berry (middle), and Peony (right).
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Visit / * qbee's garden to cultivate these group gifts. If you spot one of the Qbee shopkeepers she will surprise you with a special shopkeeper-exclusive treat too. Hugs!

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